*new* Take: A Distributed Testing Harness in Haskell - DRAFT -

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty.

Internal report.

Large classes in computing degrees encourage the use of teaching support software. In particular, the workload due to management and marking of programming assignments can be substantially reduced by the use of adequate tools. This paper describes a tool that assists in marking programming assignments by subjecting student submissions to a black-box test procedure, which can be combined with manual evaluation taking into account factors such as style. Experience with an existing tool that was implemented in a combination of awk and ksh shell scripts led to a re-implementation in Haskell, which is not only more robust, but also has an increased feature set. The paper discusses the usefulness of Haskell in implementing applications that center around process management and require robustness and distribution.

DRAFT PostScript version (17 pages).

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